Our company does not stand still, we constantly move forward. On this page it is possible to estimate dynamics of our development and the basic events of our activity.
The Knauf group and the Swiss Alcopor conclude a strategic alliance  
The German Knauf Group, one of the leading worldwide building material companies is taking 50% participation in the Alcopor subsidiary AOC, which comprises the European activities of the Alcopor Group in the field of glass wool and XPS (expanded polystyrene hard foam). The participation is mainly through capital investment. The joint venture needs only the approval of the European Competition Commission.
Second-hand Plaster stations  
Our company offers import Second-hand plaster stations
Two new units have been added  
Style in an interior
Style is traditionally defined as a set of features, unity of expressive methods and means, an ideological or art generality which can be peculiar to certain time, direction in art, separate person or his house.

Color decisions
Skillfully using colors, you can visually increase or reduce the size of a room. There is a rule, that black and white, dark blue and violet visually increase space. Red, orange, yellow can make the big premise cozier.


The new section of ready works (Design of interiors) has been added  
While designing interior we use the advanced technologies. You receive the illustrated design - project. With the help of computer premise is modeled. Before the beginning of building, painting and decorating you already know how the interior after reconstruction will look. The designer will help you to orient with the huge market of dressing materials and the equipment.


The new section of ready works (High-quality decor) is added  
Today, when modern technologies standardized and minimized dressing, it is possible to observe revival of a decor having new opportunities, due to the improved products and revival of traditional techniques and materials.


Our site began working in a test mode  
On April, 16, Open Company "BAER", in the scheduled order opens the site in the global web- the Internet. The site is accessible at the address and now is in a testing procedure. If you have offers or wishes, you can send them to E-mail:


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