Building company Baer-S successfully for more than 7 years applies modern technologies in the building market of Ukraine. In particular it's machine daubing of walls with plaster daubing with the use of materials (MT - 75) of firm Knauff.

Today we plaster over 20000 m2 a month.

From large and prestigious objects in Kiev it is possible to name a dwelling house on Zilanskaya street 57, "the Diplomat Hall" (general contractor - Engineering), a complex of houses in the hydro park area in R.Akipnoj street. 4 (general contractor - SKF GRANITE), a complex of houses Pechersk region Kopylenko street. 1 (general contractor- Basis SOLSTROY) .There are also a lot of objects of private customers - elite cottages in Koncha-Zaspa settlement, apartments, offices, etc.

Plaster daubing is not only ecology, the highest quality; dispatch of works, but it also also a sort of guarantees for the done work for over 10 years. On the walls plastered by us, you can without any doubt for the final result carry out the top-quality decor. Today, when you plan purchase of place for living in new buildings, you should pay attention not only to prestigious area, lay-out, but also to walls in your future apartment. They should be plastered by plaster daubing because it will save much of your own money in future.

Our success is success in specialization. It's not a secret that if you are engaged in different affairs every day, you will never succeed in any of them. Our company in each kind of services has achieved perfection, as we are a specialized company in various directions.

SO: from BAER-S Company we present Plaster daubing of machine drawing, Design of interiors, the High-quality decor, and Landscape design.

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